Patrizio’s Restaurant

The Village of Fairview, Fairview, Texas
Member of Gensler Architects Team
16,000 SF cost $2,800,000

Patrizio’s served authentic Italian cuisine in an elegant venue. The restaurant also served as an event venue for weddings- rehearsal dinners and other private and corporate events.

The restaurant was near Bailey’s Stake House.  Both establishments were owned by Ed Bailey. Rich dark wood contrasted against warm natural stones like marble and travertine were used throughout. Warm lighting bounced off of vaulted plastered ceiling of the dining hall to create an ambiance for a special dinner. The entrance to the restaurant was highlighted by intricately designed natural stone flooring and carefully placed lighting. The exterior of the building was designed with the Italian Manson theme complete with arches and strategically placed statues. The interior and exterior paired with great food promised a memorable Italian experience.

Patrizio's Fairview bar

Patrizio's Fairview Celler

Patrizio's Fairview private entry hall

Patrizio's Fairview private room